Nina Mok Photography


     Chino Wellings-

    By far the sassiest girl I've every met JK! No but seriously she's got a way of putting crazy intensity into a photo (it's totally the eyes). Face is easy to work with especially with make up, I barely have to think about where I have to apply what because her angles work amazing with basically anything I apply. Biggest make up dork I have EVER met, but yeah really knows her stuff.

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue


    Dominique .H-

    Very tall and exceptionally easy to do make up on. Face is a canvas, I could probably apply anything on this girl and she'd look amazing. She's got a natural kind of bohemian look that my camera loves, angles are a bit harder to work with but when I get the right shot it looks more than expensive :)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue/grey



    Nat .S-  

  Quirky and firery personality just like her hair. This one takes direction very well and ideas are easy to execute on her. Very tall so clothes have a nice fit and sold. Has a sweet personality that reads in every photo. Hair is hard to do because it always goes back to being perfectly straight, guess that`s a wonderful thing in the end haha.

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue/grey


    Tam .J-

    Enthusiastic and equally beautiful, a mongolian beauty always peeks through, even when she's microwaving lunch and she thinks nobody's looking. Her face always inspires me to take a shot, which is more than wonderful. I haven't really tried any dramatic make up, but I don't think she needs it that much anyways, and angles are quite good.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown


    Anne Lee-

   Calm, controlled, gorgeous face from Korea. This girl has the nicest skin I've ever seen, so make up is barely needed. Her face tells a story in every shot, I don't really need to direct anything. Serene and shy personality portrays many shots but if i need something different she can give that for sure.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown